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Sci-Fi Workers Kit

Sci-Fi Workers Kit

A workers kit to decorate your gaming tables or your sci-fi armies (32mm scale). Figures in work clothes to assemble in work poses or more static poses.


The file includes: - 15 heads  

                        - 10 pairs of legs (some mechanical) in work clothes

                        - 10 torsos in work clothes, dockers, or foreman

                        - 6 tools serving as accessories

                        - 16 hand-held tools  

                        - 4 empty hands in different postures

                        - 10 arms in different poses and work clothes

                        - 3 mechanical specialized working arms


Some files are modeled to be used in mirror mode in your slicer for more possibilities.


The file is sold with and without media (the supported files are classified by categories)


the file is sold without a base.

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